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Stellar Formulations Industries Pvt Ltd is a pharmaceutical company offering quality healthcare solutions, focusing on manufacture and supply of solid oral dosage formulations.

With a keen focus on quality, innovation, sustainability and customer care, our core portfolio is contract manufacturing of solid oral dosage formulations, specializing in pellets and directly compressible granules. This helps us in not only offering high-quality products at competitive prices, but also gives us an advantage over our competitors in the market.

Located just outside Vadodara, Gujarat, our 70000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing facility is compliant as per cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and designed to meet national and international standards. SFIPL is equipped with a team of experienced professionals, qualified to design, develop and formulate strategies for Novel Drug Delivery systems which include Immediate Release, Delayed Release, Slow Release, Sustained Release, Extended Release, Controlled Release, Prolonged Release and Modified Release for ready to fill pellets and directly compressible granules.

Services Offered

We offer contract manufacturing as per the customer’s requirements. This includes product development, stability study and scale up from R&D to the manufacturing stage.

We offer formulation development services for solid oral dosage forms, specializing in pellets & directly compressible granules. And provide support during the technology transfer to ensure successful implementation of the process at customer’s end.

We can also support contract manufacturing as per the technology transfer from the customer under strict confidentiality agreements.


Domperidone Pellets


Domperidone Sustained Release Pellets


Propranolol HCL Prolonged Release Pellets


Itopride HCL Sustained Release Pellets


Duloxetine HCL Delayed Release Pellets


Chlopheniramine Maleate & Phenylephrine HCL Sustained Release Pellets

Anti-Histamine / Cold

Aceclofenac Sustained Release Pellets


Esomeprazole Enteric Coated Pellets


Pantoprazole Enteric Coated Pellets


Tolterodine Tartrate Sustained Release Pellets


Itraconazole Pellets


Omeprazole Enteric Coated Pellets


Rabeprazole Enteric Coated Pellets


Orlistat Pellets


Dummy Pellets (Non-Pareil Seeds)




Research & Development

Our state of the art R&D facility and the expertise of our research staff allows SFIPL to develop new products following a systematic approach, products based on Quality by Design (QbD) principles enabling us to introduce robust, reproducible products complying with regulatory requirements in the market.

A cost effective R&D, process oriented quality and consistent production allows SFIPL to partner with leading pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad as their go to contract manufacturing partner.



To ensure sustained quality from the R&D stage, the quality team ensures development and maintenance of the company’s quality procedures and systems with the help of systematic sampling, testing, validating, monitoring and auditing of materials, facilities, systems and procedures which can influence the quality of products throughout their shelf-life. This is possible with the GLP compliant lab at the same facility housing multiple Shimadzu make HPLCs, UPLCs & GC, Electrolab Make Dissolution Testers, Stability Incubators among other equipment.



The facility houses equipment from pharmaceutical machine manufacturing companies such as Fuji Paudal, ACG and other reputed vendors. Due to world class machines, compliant with worldwide regulatory and GMP standards, for development of pilot as well as commercial processes, we are able to achieve accurate and reproducible parameters giving us an edge over other pellet manufacturers.


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